The End Of The Marathon

Greetings from beautiful Boston on the eve of the World Series, a Jewel event that celebrates the best of baseball.

Beginning with the opening of spring training camps in February, every Major League club has played for the moments the Red Sox and Cardinals await. A place in the World Series is cherished. It is savored. A World Series ring means more to many players than anything else in baseball. It’s all about the ring.

The beauty of the End Of The Marathon is that our champion won’t be decided in one game. It will take four wins to become the best the sport has to offer.

All the bumps and bruises, the days on the road away from family and friends and the countless hours in the batting cage or throwing pitch after pitch will be forgotten for the next several days.

There’s a Championship to be won. One team-and only one team can boast of being the best the sport has to offer.

I don’t have a favorite in this series. I think both teams are outstanding. They have strengths and weaknesses. They both have what it takes to be call Champions.

If the Red Sox win, will people say they won by a “whisker”? If the Cardinals win, will the pundits claim they were just “wingin’ it?” I ask your forgiveness for those. I don’t know what came over me.

Anyway, Big Papi will play defense when the games move to St. Louis. That means Mike Napoli will be on the bench. Papi has played first base this season, so it won’t be totally foreign to him.

Michael Wacha is the type of pitcher that can stop any losing streak. That’s important in a short series.

The Cardinals will have to learn to play the Green Monstah with a quick course in “off the wall.” We’ve seen what a bad bounce can do.

Both clubs will have Home Field Advantage when their home because the crowds love their respective teams. And I’m a big, big believer in Home Field Advantage, as we saw in Boston during the ALCS.

I’ll be tweeting every game from the World Series. You can find me @BerniePleskoff.

Like I’ve always said in my tweets-two factors are crucial in “must win” games-Momentum and Mistakes. Once a team scores-the other team has to shut down the opposition to maintain momentum.

If the game is close up to the 5th inning, look for a mistake to open the door for the opposition. When the mistake occurs, the other team must slam down the door and rush in. Ring the cash register with a run or runs. Opportunities don’t come often.

Something I’ve Never Seen: To this day, I’m waiting to see a major sports team play their game with their “backs against the wall.” Who makes up those phrases?
Forgive me for that, will you?

The weather might be a factor. It’s cloudy outside tonight-just 24 hours before game time.

But there will be baseball. And it will be outstanding baseball. It’s the World Series.
And I’ll keep you posted every game on twitter.

I’m done for now.

One comment

  1. shemp210

    I’m looking forward to a great series with a lot of noise from both hometown crowds. The weather in the east is always tough in October. The temperature in Boston is supposed to be in the 50’s, but the wind chill factor will be in the 30’s. I hope you will be tweeting during the game.

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