October 18th, 2013

My New Idea

So here’s my idea.

We have a system that registers social security numbers, right? Why can’t we register 1 universal password for each person? Every time I sign up for something, I need a different password. One capital letter and 5 numbers, or six letters and a number, or two capital letters, four lower case numbers, a number and eight capital letters. You get my point, right? It’s frustrating. I can barely remember what my phone number let alone the countless password configurations. The solution? We appoint a Registrar of Passwords. And no, I don’t want the job.

I have no data to confirm this, but it seems to me the attendance at Arizona Fall League games is really improved over the past. There are more and more fans coming to watch their favorite prospects. It’s a great experience. Every team is on display.

The White Sox were able to pay what they did for Jose Abreu because in the new international signing rules. There is no limit on the financial contract of a Cuban player with three years of experience.

I listed several of my manager suggestions last blog, but I forgot one. What about former Cubs manager Mike Quade? He really deserves another chance. He’s a good baseball man with a good baseball mind. I’ll add him to my list.

The future Cubs I’ve been watching really do deserve all the hype. Once they arrive, Albert Almora, Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez will provide a very formidable nucleus for years to come.

It was sad to see Nolan Ryan retire from the Texas Rangers. I hope he returns to baseball in some capacity. He’s still Nolan Ryan.

Angels 1B prospect C J Cron has hit the scoreboard at Ho Ho Kam in Mesa twice in the Arizona Fall League. He has some awesome power. Especially hitting fastballs.

Credit Jim Leyland for an outstanding rebound when he switched his lineup and got some immediate results. Just a hunch-but I think we’re going to see more and more of a team’s best hitter moving up in the lineup. Even one more at-bat per game can make a difference.

Indians prospect Tony Wolters has been converted to catcher. He’s played very well defensively in Arizona. His bat’s still a bit behind, but he’s shown a good arm and good mechanics behind the plate. He’s splitting his time in Arizona between catching and playing shortstop.

Phillies reliever Kenny Giles is a name to remember. He can close out games. He has good control and command and a solid mind demeanor. He threw his fastball at 100 mph the other day in the AFL. I was impressed.

And now I have to log in to an important site I follow daily. But I can’t remember my password.

I’m done for now.