They Got It Right

Game 1 of the 2013 World Series is in the books.

The game here in Boston will be remembered for two distinct moments. First, when Pete Kozma never had control of a difficult flip from second baseman Matt Carpenter on an apparent double play. The call was ultimately reversed after a meeting of the umpires. Second, when Carlos Beltran injured his ribs robbing David Ortiz of a home run.

After meeting together, five of the umpires indicated they saw the play. The decision was reversed. I applaud them. That took courage.

In his press conference after the game, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was really upset. More about his team’s play than “the call.” I can’t blame him. It was an uncharacteristic Cardinals performance.

A pop up between the mound and home plate went untouched for a hit. A play like that begs for a “team error.” Not able to place blame on the play, the Official Scorer ruled it a hit. The error should go to the “team.”

Fenway Park is really the House of David. Man can Papi hit. In batting practice I saw him tattoo the ball to the same place his home run landed. He would have had two big bombs if not for Beltran’s catch.

Warming up in the bullpen prior to the game, Adam Wainwright’s bullpen catcher flipped balls to the fans behind him. Very cool.

Don’t ever give a team like Boston or St. Louis extra outs. Three an inning is enough.

The Red Sox have won 9 World Series games in a row.

You’re Mike Matheny: Do you want your team to get the call at second base (not have it reversed) or do you want the umpires to get it right?

Look for David Ross to continue catching Jon Lester. They click.

John Farrell said David Ortiz “links the guys together.” It’s obvious how much he is loved by his teammates and the fans.

Lester had his back door cutter working yesterday.

Fenway’s a great place. But getting from Point A to point B is hard work.

Clay Buchholz is being given an extra day before he pitches. I’m sure he’s not 100%. For that matter, neither am I.

They served lobstah in the dining room for the media. Lobstah. Can you believe it? And they had chowdah, too. I don’t eat chowdah.

I hate fish, but I like shell fish. Who cares, right?

The outside of Fenway smelled like peanuts. I love peanuts. Who cares, right?

The Cardinals list only 4 outfielders on their roster. The Red Sox 6. The Cardinals have 12 pitchers. The Red Sox 11.

Give Joe Torre credit. He went on the television broadcast and explained the reversal of the play at second base. Good job. Get it right!

Pudge Rodriguez and Ozzie Guillen were upstairs in the press box. Both look really good. And they both look fit enough to play today.

Follow me on twitter during the games @BerniePleskoff. I’ll be here every day with a blog as well.

That’s it. I’m done.

One comment

  1. shemp210

    Although I’m rooting for St. Louis I’m glad the umpires discussed it and got it right. I really can’t understand how the second base up missed it. He was in perfect position with the play right in front of him. He must of blinked or closed his eyes. I’m probably wrong but there seems to be more blatant errors by umpires over the past few years. I never thought I’d be an advocate of video review of umpire calls.

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