Day Two-General Managers Step Up

Day two of the Winter Meetings featured a blockbuster deal between the White Sox, the Angels and the Diamondbacks.

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For now-here are my comments that I didn’t have room for in the article.

Almost to a person, my twitter followers don’t like the deal for the Dbacks. They feel Trumbo strikes out too much and has a very poor on-base percentage. They think giving up Skaggs and Eaton was a hefty price to pay.

White Sox fans don’t like the deal because they are looking for more than Adam Eaton to solve their woes.

Angels fans have really not come forward either for or against the trade. Maybe I don’t have lots of Angels followers.

Chase Field is a hitter’s paradise. If a hitter can hit a pitcher’s mistake (cookie down the middle or high fastball, for example) the ball will fly out of the park. Think of Trumbo with Prado, Parra or someone else on base. Then Goldschmidt following him. It could be 90 homers between Trumbo and Goldy.

I don’t think Eaton helps the White Sox much immediately. He has to get on base to run. He has to take charge in the outfield. He will get better. I think the guy that eventually helps the White Sox is Avisail Garcia. In two years he’ll be a real force. He and Eaton will grow together. I think Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo are both vulnerable. I look for one, or both, to be traded.

The Angels will give Santiago a chance to make the rotation. It will give them Jared Weaver, and C J Wilson, as anchors and then Skaggs, Santiago and maybe Garrett Richards as the back end of the rotation. Not bad. They improved their pitching. But the price was steep. G M Jerry Dipoto indicated Albert Pujols being healthy and Josh Hamilton finding his swing will make a difference this coming season.

Look for Kole Calhoun to be the right fielder.

On another topic, the vendor exhibition hall was crazy busy today. But I did score myself some of those ice cream “dots” in some type of banana flavor. Also picked up some new luggage tags. Why? Because the airline lost my great luggage tag that I got at the 2011 Winter Meetings.

My friend bought a sandwich here today for $21. It didn’t include lettuce. I think there must have been gold leaf on the bread. Me? I scored half a hot dog at the vendor fair. I’m not fooling around here. The guy cut the hot dog in half and split it between me and another guy. I don’t know if I got the better half. I had no time to pick up lunch somewhere. But I was ready to pay….if I had to.

Dinner last night was at a very nice steak house here in the hotel. The entire National team was together. We started dinner at 9:30PM. It was really, really loud and my head was pounding from the noise. I like quiet. The room we work in here by day is quiet. Nobody talks. But man—they talked last night. Left there at midnight with a headache.

I can see the Swan and Dolphin statues from my room. The room overlooks a lake. Unique for me because my home is in a desert. My wife is with me and she had a great day riding the water taxi. It must be Lake Buena Vista. Or maybe Lake Buena Vista is just a catchy name.

Drew Pomeranz is still young and has upside remaining. It will do him well to leave Colorado. Tough place to pitch. When I first saw Pomeranz with Cleveland I thought he could be a star. He needs self-confidence and a couple good outings. Oakland is a good landing spot for him. That was the other trade of the day.

I’ll be back in this space tomorrow. And thanks for following me on twitter @BerniePleskoff.

That’s it. I’m done.