Winter Meetings-Day One Is In The Books

There wasn’t anything earth shaking at today’s Winter Meetings in Orlando.

Let me set the scene for you.

Think of hundreds and hundreds of people walking around talking about one thing. Everywhere. No-not about their unfinished Christmas shopping. But they’re talking baseball. And for a baseball junkie like me, it’s heaven.

The halls are crowded with signs and cameras. Television sets pop up here and there. Guys can be heard talking over one another from radio booth to radio booth.

In the evening, the center of the hotel is loaded with shoulder to shoulder people with beers in their hands. Guys in blue blazers and nice white shirts stand around trying to stand out in the crowd. Why? They’re looking for a job. One can overhear sentences like…”Are you kidding me, they over paid for that stiff.” And so it goes on and on, well into the night. While I’m tucked in bed happy that I can tell a dolphin from a swan and return to the correct hotel after an evening stroll.

The media room is loaded with men and women pounding away at their computers writing the day’s story about their team. Generally, it’s rumors. Like these:

The Indians are hoping to sign Grant Balfour. The Mariners are in on Nelson Cruz. The Yankees aren’t finished. The Tigers will sign Shin-Soo Choo.

And I’ll believe it when I hear it and see it.

Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa and Joe Torre are going into the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.

Salty is a Marlin.

My friend Joan McGrath won an award today as the Rawlings Female Executive of the Year. She has been with the Arizona Fall League since the inaugural season.

At we have our own work room, right off the main sea of media in the ballroom/turned media location. Our tables are filled with quiet people trying to bring the best and most current news to our readers.

I went downstairs to the mammoth trade show that happens every year. They sell everything from peanut contracts to stadium seating. Of course, they have samples of the peanuts. Even though it’s a circus, there are no elephants. Just clean fun walking around and kicking the tires and meeting people. Happy to report several confided to me that they read my work. Of course I thanked them and then said yes when they offered me a promotional pen or in one case…a harmonica. Yep, a little baby harmonica.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I can share some excitement with you. I’ll tweet it as it happens and then review it in this blog.

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That’s it. I’m done.