Hey, Where Do I Think You’re Going-Part 2

Yesterday I offered the beginning of my predictions of where I felt several free agents would land. Today, I offer Part 2 of my best guesses.
(where I think they’ go) and the location I feel is best suited for their particular game.

Carlos Beltran-(Yankees)-Cardinals. I think the combination of a friendly right field and designated hitter fits. Boston offers difficult outfield situation for Beltran’s knees.

Jhonny Peralta-(Mets)-Mets. The Mets offer a good home for Peralta. He will help them rebuild their club. Nice park for his gap power.

Masahiro Tanaka-(Yankees)-Yankees. This is more a gamble than some people realize. If he posts, I think he might be comfortable in New York.

Ervin Santana-(Blue Jays)-Padres. Santana will help in a park that is on the pitcher friendly side. I think the Blue Jays can afford his asking price.

Tim Hudson-(Red Sox)-Indians. I think David Ross helps recruit his former teammate to the Red Sox pitching staff.

Shin-Soo Choo- (Rangers)-Yankees. This one will be really expensive. Inviting right fields in both parks and the designated hitter bode well for his swing and longevity. But it could be the Mets after all.

Hiroki Kuroda-(Yankees)-Angels. I think he fits back on the west coast if the Yankees wish to move on to other pitching options. He may opt to return to Japan.

Ubaldo Jimenez-(Angels)-Blue Jays. Here’s where I think the Angels get their man. They need to shore up the pitching, and Ubaldo can sure help.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia-(Blue Jays)- White Sox. Blue Jays again. I think they play big in this free agent market. They need a catcher. Here he is. White Sox can use him, too.

A J Pierzynski- (Yankees)-Blue Jays. This is a short term solution until Sanchez is ready to catch full time for the Yankees. Inviting short right field porch convinces A J to go to New York.

Bartolo Colon- (Indians)-Padres. He can still pitch and win. He has the control. Might return back to Cleveland. Could be a one or two year deal.

Scott Feldman-(Padres)-Blue Jays. Feldman can help a team in need of a back end of the rotation starter. That’s almost every team in baseball.

James Loney-(Rays) Twins. Regardless of where he lands, the team will be getting a line-drive hitter with a very good glove at 1B. A good sign for a lucky team.

Ricky Nolasco-(Giants) Padres. Big park will help his comfort level. Season didn’t end well for him and he looks to rebound.

Fernando Rodney-(Mets) Diamondbacks- I don’t know if either team will pay free agent money for a closer.

Grant Balfour-(Angels) Padres- I like him remaining on the west coast at either of these two teams.

This is pure guess work. Every player has his own set of goals and objectives in free agency. But some teams are well positioned to spend this off season. Others will look to improve through trades or picking up non-tendered players.

In short, I think the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rangers, and to some degree the Padres will want to improve through free agency.

That’s it. I’m done.

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