Hey, Where Do I Think You’re Going?

The guessing game continues. Where will the free agents end up?

I’ve decided to weigh in with my best guess of where some of the free agents will be playing and pitching next season.

This is the first of two blogs on my predictions.

Previously, I indicated some general parameters regarding what I thought might happen.

Today I’ll get more specific. Of course, I have no inside information. I’ll list where I think the (player will sign) and where I think would be the best fit for his skills. They aren’t always the same.

My list is random and not ranked in any specific order of their value.

Joe Nathan-(Tigers)-Tigers. Nathan may be the closer the Tigers need to get to the next level. It’s a good fit and it could be a difference making signing.

Brian McCann- (Rangers)-Rangers. Losing McCann would be a tremendous loss for Atlanta. But Evan Gattis, Gerald Laird and Christian Bethancourt allow him to leave.

Robbie Cano-(Yankees)-Tigers. While I think he returns to New York to work closely with his agent’s marketing plan, I think Cano fits best with the Tigers. He puts them over the top.

Jacoby Ellsbury-(Mariners)-Reds. I think he’ll return to the northwest, but I think he could have a bigger impact playing CF for the Reds as their leadoff hitter.

Curtis Granderson-(White Sox)-White Sox. Conventional wisdom has Granderson returning to the Yankees. I think he helps put the White Sox back in contention.

Matt Garza-(Blue Jays)-Padres, Giants. I think the Blue Jays will make a very attractive offer to Garza. But he really fits very well in either San Diego or San Francisco. Big west coast parks.

Nelson Cruz-(Rangers)-Rangers. His absence confirmed what he meant to the Rangers. I think he has a comfort level there that is not worth threatening.

Mark Ellis-(Tigers)-Tigers. This is a perfect match of player and team need. Ellis is an underrated player that will help the Tigers at a position of need.

Bronson Arroyo-(Padres)-Padres. I think this is a perfect match for pitcher and team. Arroyo is a solid starter that will give the Padres innings in a good pitching environment.

Stephen Drew-(Red Sox)-Red Sox. The Red Sox saw the value of Drew’s defense after he was healthy. He’s a better hitter than we saw in the postseason. He’s found a home.

Tomorrow-at least ten more free agent predictions.

That’s it. I’m done.

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