It was pouring as we left St. Louis yesterday evening. It’s a good thing the rain didn’t come the night before. All I could think of was how tough it would be to delay the World Series.

Some might say it was “raining cats and dogs.” Have you ever seen it rain cats and dogs? Where do we get this stuff?

So here we are back in Boston. So far I’ve gotten to fly into Detroit, Atlanta, and Cleveland on my way to Boston and St. Louis. Is flying fabulous, or what?

Poor baby finally had a meal last night. At 9:30 right here in the hotel. Exactly three minutes after I arrived. And then I couldn’t sleep. I was up half the night looking at the clock waiting for my wakeup call. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it.

Michael Wacha and Jon Lackey tonight. Great matchup. This is the type of game that can turn on one little mistake. Or, one big mistake.

This Series really hasn’t been played well. We’ve seen how errors have turned games around. The two teams are so evenly matched, every mistake is magnified.

I still think Shelby Miller will make a difference in this Series. He hasn’t pitched yet. He joins teammate Edward Mujica and Red Sox pitcher Franklin Morales as the only pitchers that have not seen action to date.

If Wacha is in trouble, I think Miller will come on. Then, if there’s a Game 7, Jake Peavy will get the ball for the Red Sox and Lance Lynn for the Cardinals. I think.

Quentin Berry has a very focused role. He’s the Red Sox designated runner. Remember Dave Roberts?

Michael Wacha will be in the same historical context now with Bob Gibson. Wacha will have pitched World Series games for the Cardinals. just like Gibson. Only Wacha is 21 years old. That’s really hard to believe, isn’t it? Michael Wacha could be wearing a World Series ring at age 21.

At that age I was still in college and working in a record store in Cleveland during the summer. But that’s all I remember. And at the same age, Michael Wacha is pitching in a World Series.

Of course the Red Sox want to close the door on the Cardinals tonight. It would be a sweet victory if they could win the Series at home. Maybe the sweetest sports victory in the history of the city.

Did I mention that the playing and singing of “Sweet Caroline” at Red Sox home games is in jeopardy? There’s a group who want the tradition squashed. I don’t know why, but they do. It seems rather harmless to me. Why change something people seem to enjoy?

Fenway may be old, but it sure looks clean and nice inside.

Last week Logan Airport was jam packed with people wearing Red Sox garb. There were fans everywhere. Last night, the airport was nearly empty. It was only about an hour later than I arrived last week. Maybe Game 6 and 7 are tougher tickets and fewer out of town folks will be here.

Shane Victorino should play tonight.

I still think this Series is going to Game 7. I don’t know why. I just think something weird will occur and the Series will go the distance.

I also have a hunch we’ll see more balls bang off the Green Monstah. Or maybe I’m just hoping that happens. There isn’t anything like that thud. That clank. That sound.
And then—the ball goes who knows where, the runner circles the bases and we have an inside the park home run to end the game. Bernie, wake up. You’re dreaming.

I’ll be back in this space tomorrow. And I’ll have a profile of Wacha vs. Lackey on later today for your reading pleasure.

Have fun watching Game 6. May your team win. Or not lose.

That’s it. I’m done.

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  1. shemp210

    This morning the Weather Channel predicted 55-60 degree weather, with strong winds blowing east which would be in the direction of the Green Monster. if this is true we should see some runs being scored. I can’t wait for the first pitch. I’ve really been enjoying your writing throughout the Series Bernie. Keep up the great work.

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