A Swingin’ Time At The World Series

I think I’ve counted 87 strikeouts so far at the World Series. I know that the pitching’s been good, but not that good.

The Tigers had the Red Sox swinging and missing in their American League Championship Series. But the Red Sox won. The Cardinals have the Red Sox swinging away in the World Series. And the Red Sox are up a game. Go figure.
The Red Sox have 50 strikeouts in the Series so far.

Tough night for St. Louis. The Cardinals lost and less than an hour later, so did the football Rams. Fireworks were planned downtown above the Arch. I didn’t hear or see anything. And the streets were really, really quiet. I get it. I’ve been there.

Cardinals players rallied around Kolten Wong who got picked off first in Game 4. They were supportive and helpful to their teammate.

Jon Lester still doesn’t have a hit this season.

They have “Weather Stations” in a couple places at Busch Stadium. I was reminded by them that I’m in the midwest. We don’t have weather stations in Phoenix. We don’t have weather. Well maybe in the summer.

Matt Holiday is responsible for four of the team’s nine extra base hits and five of the 11 runs.

Stephen Drew made an outstanding catch of a high line drive, but he doesn’t get much credit as a very good defensive shortstop.

I didn’t spot any unusual substance on Jon Lester. By the way, he was in the windup most of the night. He can be a bit more vulnerable from the stretch.

Shane Robinson is a pesky guy. Small in stature, but big in heart.

I never thought I’d see Adam Wainwright on the losing end of two games in any seven game series.

They had Jordan Almonds in the press box during this series. I love Jordan Almonds.
I resisted the temptation to fill my pockets.

Game 4 drew 14 million viewers.

It might just be me, but it just seems these two clubs have fewer offensive threats in the World Series than I can remember. And really-no “mega star” aces on the mound. They just know how to win. Proving that baseball is indeed, a team game.

This has been a very emotional World Series. In both cities the fans have been roaring and then like a flick of a switch, the park gets very, very quiet. There’s a flow to this Series that seems unique and almost eerie. Anything can happen. And has.

The Cardinals continue to pitch to David Ortiz. And he continues to hit.

Shelby Miller and Edward Mujica have not pitched for St. Louis. Strange.

It isn’t the Cardinals offense alone that is missing in action. The Red Sox certainly aren’t tearing the cover off the ball. Wonder if either team will deploy a GPS to find their bats?

I saw a guy at the concession stand dressed like a Cardinal from head to toe. Beak, feathers, the whole thing. His wife was just laughing the whole time. Now that’s a fan.

They had a counterfeit ticket problem in St. Louis for the first game of the Series. Something like 80 fake tickets were sold.

Michael Wacha will try to save the Cardinals season when he takes on John Lackey in Game 6 Wednesday. I think Lackey may struggle. His relief appearance was not just another off day bullpen session. He worked hard.

I leave for Boston later today. Hope I can get some sleep on the plane. But of course, there’s a connection involved in Chicago so it’ll be an all day venture.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Remember to read my World Series profiles on MLB.com and follow me on Twitter @BerniePleskoff. I tweet the whole game, every game.

That’s it. I’m done.

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  1. shemp210

    Not much hitting out of either team. I think this trend will continue as the Series continues into late October. Playing into late October I think gives the pitching a bit of an edge. It seems good pitching becomes great pitching. I’m old enough to remember the World Series being played in daylight and in early October. John Lester is good, but he isn’t Sandy Koufax.

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