You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Ok-say this is you. The entire World is watching Game 4 of the World Series. Just your luck, television ratings are soaring. It’s the 9th inning and your team is trailing.
You’re a pinch runner. And you get picked off first base and make the last out.

The culprit, Cardinals rookie Kolten Wong greeted reporters with tears in his eyes.
He did’t hide out. He didn’t leave early. He faced the reporters. I give him tons of credit for that. We all make mistakes in our jobs and in our lives. That’s how we learn.

So let me get this right. We’ve had a reversed call, an obstruction play and a game ending pickoff. You can’t make this stuff up.

There’s a Monday Night Football game here in town tonight. At the coffee shop this morning a local guy was telling his out of town guest that tickets are going for $7 to that game. This is still a baseball town. Especially during the World Series.

It reminds me of the old joke. Guy leaves two tickets to the football game on his windshield trying to give them away. He comes back and there are four.

Forgive me for that, will you?

Every single eye in the stadium will be focused on Jon Lester’s glove. Especially the television cameras. He should fool everyone and put that green substance on his ear lobe. Nobody will look there.

How about Clay Buchholz’ hair. He soaks it with water before he takes the mound. He actually does that voluntarily.

The umps have gotten the tough calls correct. They usually do.

A new complex is being built right behind the left field wall at Busch Stadium. It’s a multiple use facility. The neat part-there are seats that can view the game at the top of the structure. Closer than the Wrigley Field’s originals. Way cool.

My colleague had a turduckanburger when we were in Boston. Turkey-duck and beef. A huge patty on a bun. I still get heartburn thinking about it.

I have not been to one restaurant here in St. Louis. Our hotel isn’t near any. I’ve relied on the coffee shop. Haven’t really eaten a meal since the lobster in Boston. My girlish type figure is feeling the weight of the sandwiches.

I know what you’re thinking. “Poor baby- has to eat sandwiches at the World Series. What a tough life and a horrible situation.”

I think managers tend to “over” manage in the World Series. I’m just sayin. Lance Lynn was rolling along well, don’t you think? I’m just asking.

Allen Craig had XRays of his foot and no additional damage was discovered. Can that man hit in the postseason, or what?

My World Series scouting profile today will feature David Ortiz. Hope you’ll give it a read on

Flying to Boston tomorrow. But I’ll be here with my World Series edition of BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD.

Follow me on Twitter @BerniePleskoff during every WS game. Thank you.

That’s it. I’m done.

One comment

  1. shemp210

    Another good game last night. I agree Lynn may have been taken out a bit too early. I don’t think they feel confident with Lynn in pressure situations. He has had a tendency to come unglued. That said he looked pretty good last night even after the walks, he got away with only one run scored. I know good pitching beats good hitting, but if the Cards don’t start driving baserunners in their good pitching won’t be good enough.

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