Cardinals Have A Leg Up

Well, after an amazing play in Game 3, I guess it’s safe to say the Cardinals have a leg up in the World Series. That’s because Boston’s Wlil Middlebrooks had two legs up.

We won’t go over the play in this space. But just let me say this. Once you’ve seen it all, you realize there’s a whole lot more to see.

C’mon now, a play overturned in a World Series? Obstruction to end a game that went back and forth as often as I do during the middle of the night? Please. Those two plays won’t happen again in the World Series, will they?

I took our shuttle service to the game yesterday. On the way we passed a park where the fountain waters were flowing red. Pretty cool. And then the sea of red began.
Red shirts, red hats, red sweaters, red jackets. I was seeing so much red I thought I’d turn blue. But it was nice to see.

And oh, by the way-the seats at Busch Stadium are painted—red.

I like the stadium. There are replica old baseball cards painted on the walls. The players were all…Cardinals. Well, I didn’t expect there would be any Cubs baseball card mugs.

We were seated in suites named after iconic, All Star and Hall of Fame players. I was fortunate to be in the Stan Musial Suite. I would say he is the most beloved Cardinal. His presence surrounds the room in the form of wonderful pictures that tell the story of his greatness.

The crowd went nuts when Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Bob Gibson and Red Schoendienst were introduced.

Funny, I didn’t see any signs flashing “Get Loud Now” on the scoreboard during the game. Maybe the fans figured it out all by themselves.

Outside of the game itself, the part I like the best was seeing the team of eight Clydesdales circle the stadium. They are really beautiful animals. The King of Beers knew something when he made them the company symbol and tradition.

About that obstruction play. For what it’s worth, I think the umpiring crew got it correct. It isn’t and wasn’t pretty, but that’s the rule. I won’t mention it again.

No-I do not think Will Middlebrooks fell that way with his legs up on purpose. I think the flow of the play took him where he ended up. Oops, sorry. I just mentioned it again. Let me get it out of my system. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.

Something has to be done to make the game equal in both leagues. Either add the designated hitter to the National League or eliminate it altogether. Right now the game is played with two sets of rules and two sets of strategies. Not good.

I didn’t go, but a journalist friend of mine told me the pre-game party here in St. Louis on Friday night was the most lavish with the best food he has ever had at a World Series. And he’s been to plenty. They did it right.

The Escape By Jake in the first inning by Jake Peavy was memorable. He could have been lit up for many more runs. But he was gritty.

Cardinals starter Joe Kelly was throwing 98. Where do they get these guys? One pitcher after another throws high octane heaters.

Cold? You bet. It was so cold I had to buy a ski cap. But that’s fine because it’s a World Series ski cap. Barely fits on my huge noggin.

I invite you to read my World Series profiles on in the Voices section. Just click on my lovely picture and you’ll be directed to my stores.

And I invite you to follow me on Twitter @BerniePleskoff all game long, every game during the World Series. (Provided the wireless holds up and twitter doesn’t get over loaded.)

That’s it, I’m done.

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  1. shemp210

    I never saw a finish to a game like last night especially in the World Series, and as you indicated probably never will. I have to say the umps got it right, and it took a lot of guts and integrity. Although it was totally unintentional, it was still interference. If unobstructed I believe Craig would have scored. I’m glad it didn’t happen in Boston, it may have gotten ugly. Great insight and info on the World Series surroundings Bernie. I look forward to your views and muses on tonights game.

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