BERNIES BASEBALL WORLD is on internet video-you can get involved

I’m really pleased to announce that I will be teaming with Bob “Kingpin” Eres to bring BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD to internet video.  The show begins Friday February 5th.  The plan is to do the videos every Friday in February and March and then determine if we are going to continue during the season.  At that is missing now is you.

Bob “Kingpin” Eres is a professional bowler. He has his own production studio and has been interviewing sports related individuals for years at Pro Sports Broadcasting. He owns the company and designs and produces all the shows.

BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD will be produced on Friday morning and be ready to be viewed by 1PM each Friday afternoon. The show will always be available at two sites and can be viewed at your leisure at any time.

You will be able to view BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD at: or on YouTube. Just look for BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD.

Bob will be engaging in conversation with me and interviewing me each week. We will have an emphasis on FANTASY BASEBALL information as well as personal scouting/player analysis and evaluation.

Companies, individuals or anyone wishing to purchase advertising on the show may do so by calling 480-436-1620. Advertising rates are reasonably priced at $50 per minute. There is no limit to the number of minutes or weeks that must be purchased. A pre-recorded advertisement may be submitted or the advertisement can be read on the show by either Bob or myself. A third advertising option is available. An ad card may be placed on the screen. That is also priced at $50.


Here’s the fun part. We are offering the opportunity for an individual to share a personal message on the show. Messages will be similar to those placed on the scoreboard of a ball park. For example:

Happy Birthday Uncle Leo-from Rollie and Jill

Linda, will you marry me?–I love you. Skippy

Follow me on twitter @cubsfan

Happy Anniversary mom and dad-The kids

To the Arizona Diamondbacks-good luck this season from Gina

Wishing you a Happy Easter-Big Bubba’s Bakery

You get the idea. Each message will cost only $15. We want it to be a fun experience.
Be creative and have fun. This is a great and very inexpensive way to send a message to someone.  Cheaper than a greeting card in today’s world.

All advertisements and personal messages will be paid for via Pay Pal.

When you call 480-436-1620 you will be asked to leave your name and your personal contact information. I will return a call to you and respond to your advertisement or personal message request.

We hope you will support this new concept by watching the show each week. Bob and I will be open to your ideas and suggestions. I will be happy to answer any of your player related questions as well.

We hope this helps you win your FANTASY BASEBALL league or that it just gives you another perspective/opinion about a player.

So- you can begin calling today with your advertisements or personal messages. Start the ball rolling and get in on the ground floor. Help us make this a great place to talk baseball and share messages each week.

Thanks in advance for your support of BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD on video. Remember to tune in to or YouTube each week. And please—tell your friends.

We start tomorrow-February 5th. We may have a few bugs in the first show, but we’ll work them out.

Call 480-436-1620 and leave your name and contact info to advertise or leave a personal message.  We will begin posting ads and messages on our 2nd show-February 12th.

Thanks so much! And please-have fun with the show. Make it a destination stop each week and enjoy the content and the messages.

And thanks for following me @BerniePleskoff.

That’s it. I’m done. Until the show starts tomorrow.


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