One Team Will Win The Rings

It wasn’t as bad as it looked. Jake Peavy made some good pitches. The Giants hitters found some holes. They also slammed some hard drives to the outfield, but it looked worse than it really was. But make no mistake-the Royals smoked the Giants tonight. This game was over in less than an hour, for sure.

Peavy and Tim Hudson have huddled in the clubhouse about the pitches Peavy made tonight and just how they would handle the Royals. Hudson said he wants to go at least 6 or 7. He has great faith in his bullpen.

I think Yordano Ventura was outstanding, to say the least. He said he wanted to start the game with the Royals thinking he was a little wild. Sort of keeping them loose. It was his plan warming up before the game. It worked. He went more to his secondary pitches in about the third inning-mixing and matching them with his 95-98 mph fastball.

I was concerned that Ventura would be “cold” after sitting through that seven run Royals rally. In fact, he was. He walked the bases loaded. Then Buster Posey did something I couldn’t believe. He swung at the first cookie he saw and slammed into an inning ending double play. With Ventura unable to throw strikes, it seemed strange to me that Posey would be up there swinging. But he was. That double play was like a dagger to the heart. It was the end of the night for San Francisco.

Every Royals starter had at least one hit. Escobar, Cain, Hosmer, Perez and Moustakas had two each. Moose also had a homer. The 6th off Hunter Strickland in the postseason, including two in the World Series.

The Royals have their big four of Finnegan, Herrera, Davis and Holland all available for tomorrow. The Giants have Lincecum, Romo, Affeldt, Lopez and Casilla ready to go. And of course, if needed, Shields is lurking for Kansas City and Bumgarner waits in the wings for the Giants. I don’t think Bochy will hesitate to make the call to Bumgarner if the situation fits.

The MVP? For the Royals it would be either Ventura or Cain for me. For the Giants I would vote for Bumgarner or Pence. In reality, there are more than one or two most valuable players in this 7 Game Series.

Yordano Ventura dedicated his game to his dear friend, the late Oscar Taveras. Speaking in front of a Dominican flag that he draped before him at his press conference, Ventura was emotional in thinking and speaking of Taveras.

Lorenzo Cain made another great play in tonight’s game. Now the entire world is aware of the complete player he is.

I have no prediction for Game 7. All I know is that like every little kid, I used to pretend I was hitting in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and two outs in the 7th game of the World Series. The games were always in Cleveland. And they were always against the Giants or the Dodgers in my mind. I never struck out. We won every game. What a thrill it must be for a Hunter Pence or a Joe Panik. A Tim Hudson or a Jeremy Guthrie. No pretending for them. This is the real deal. They get to keep all the marbles if they win. And wouldn’t it be great if it was tied in eight innings and someone’s 9th inning heroics won the game. I’d be loving that.

It’s been a fabulous Series so far. I’m glad you’re with me and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. Come back tomorrow, please. We’ll end the season together.
Just think—February, March, April, May, June, July, August. September and now…the end of October. The last game of the year. One team will win the rings and be crowned the 2014 Champions of Major League baseball.

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That’s it. I’m done.

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