Welcome To San Francisco

Today I’m writing two distinct blogs. This first one, written in the morning will have nothing to do with baseball. It’s just a time for me to share my San Francisco experience with those that may be interested. I’ll discuss the game in Blog #2 before I retire for the evening. You know, that’s fancy for before I go to bed.

The plane rides from Kansas City to San Francisco were rather uneventful-with one exception. I froze on both flights. I had a layover in Phoenix (where I actually live) and had to change planes. Shaking from the cold of the previous flight, I took my seat in the middle of the plane. Again. I thought the issue with temperature was isolated to the trip from Kansas City to Phoenix. Wrong. I told the flight attendant about it. She thanked me for my concern and went about passing out bags of 14 peanuts per bag. I kindly asked another flight attendant if they could possibly turn on some heat? She turned to the third flight attend ale-a male this time, and asked him if he was cold? “No.” OK then. Situation settled. Are you kidding me?

I know-I sound like an old man. But there is cold and then there is freezing cold. I live in Phoenix. I don’t do cold. Passengers around me? They told me they were really, really cold. But none came to my defense. None as in zero. They must have all been– members of the Don’t Get involved-Let HIm Figure It Out By Himself vacation club.

So we land in San Francisco. The cab driver throws my luggage in his trunk and asks me where I’m going. I told him and he said–“Sure, on…. street. That wasn’t on my instructions. I said, “I think it’s on…” His answer-“Get in, I know where I’m going.” OK. I believe, I believe. Now-I thought New York cab drivers drove fast. This was amazing. If we would have hit a feather I would have been dead. He should have been a prize fighter. He could bob and weave, zig and zag without getting hit. The entire ride went along in silence, which was fine with me. I had nothing to chit or chat about. We pulled up across the street from my hotel. He told me to “Get out” and rolled my luggage across the street before I even knew it was gone. The bellman told me that was a first. He had never seen anyone pull up across the busy street and roll the luggage across to the entrance.

My room is really beautiful. I woke up this morning raring to go. I asked the front desk clerk where I could get breakfast other than in the hotel? I wanted to take a walk. He sent me to the Chinatown area. Just through the main gate is a great breakfast restaurant. How could I forget one thing? I’ve been to San Francisco countless times. I watched Streets of San Francisco every week like it was a required seminar in crime prevention. But I forgot the hills. I forgot that to get somewhere, you have to walk uphill. And I mean UP HILL. The only good part is that you can walk home down hill. Unless you walk down hill getting there. Then you have to walk UP HILL getting back. That’s twice as bad. But I made it to the restaurant.
I ordered good ole’ sunny side up eggs. And as if my wife was watching over my shoulder I did what she always says: “If you must have bread with your eggs, make it wheat bread.” She’s right. So I ordered wheat bread. I’ve never eaten straw, but that must be what it tastes like. Do I sound like a grumpy old man, or what? flight, cab, walk, wheat bread? Yikes. But anyway, the breakfast was good and I got to walk back down hill. But on the way, within four stores I could have had my palm read, my feet massaged, my nails done, my hair colored (“we specialize in mens”) and my knees replaced. (“Virtually painless.”) I chose none of the above and kept walking.

There are a few sounds in life that really bring a smile to my face. I love the sound of the ball off the barrel of the bat. I also love the sound of cable cars in San Francisco. There isn’t anything else quite like that sound.

Kansas City and San Francisco couldn’t be two more different American cities. They are both really great. They both have championship baseball teams. They both have wonderful people helping all the visitors. But the entire vibe is so totally different. I’m so grateful to be experiencing both these terrific places. I hope you enjoy coming along with me. Tonight: We talk some baseball. Right here at BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD.

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As always, thanks for reading all my work.


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