On Deck: The World Series

OK-I’ve written this before on twitter-but it still amazes me. Get on this big, long metal tube in Phoenix. Find a seat. Sit down. Fall asleep instantly and two and a half hours wake up in Kansas City. What a concept! Then-go to a hotel room, slip a card in the door and the door opens. Then turn on a switch. The entire room goes from pitch black to light. What a world! What’s next? Am I going to be able to click on this keyboard thing and immediately-with very little delay, these words that I write may be viewed all over the world? I still marvel at man’s ability to invent convenience.

Who would have thunk it? In his last World Series, Commissioner Bud Selig gets to preside over two Wild Card teams playing each other. The concept happened on his watch. These two teams beat the odds and are the last two standing. I give them both credit. They deserve to be here. They outplayed some very, very good clubs. And Bud Selig can smile. The concept worked. A Wild Card World Series.

So here’s the deal. Every day in this space I will recap my day with you. I want you to join me here in Kansas City and then in San Francisco. I’ll share what’s happening. We can do this World Series thing together.

When I got off the plane at the airport I couldn’t find a cab stand. That’s a first. Usually cabs run into each other to pick up a fare. Not in Kansas City. There is a phone on a wall about a half mile from the baggage claim exit door that is used to call a cab. A few minutes later, the cab appears. Then, on the way to the hotel, the driver showed me a sea of yellow cabs waiting in line to get “the call.” It’s a system. So, I was a bit surprised how far the airport was from the hotel. After I took out a loan, I coughed up the $50 for the ride and exited the cab. In Phoenix, many entire used cabs can be purchased for $50. Or so it seems. Anyway, the driver was a nice guy.

This is the same area where we stayed for the All Star Game a couple years ago. Then the area was hustling and bustling with people, signs, horns, balloons, the entire works. Today, I thought I was arriving at a funeral parlor. Morte. Dead. The fountain across the street had blue water. That was the closest thing to excitement about the Series being here. i didn’t look at the fountain for a long time, because looking at water fountains makes me…you get it. And this is a huge blue fountain. So where’s all the hoopla? I love hoopla! There weren’t any signs or hats or anything fun at the airport either.

I was starving after only having a bag of peanuts and some lorna doons on the plane. I found a place to eat a few blocks away and went in. It was a food court place. Also dead. I was the only soul within blocks. I saw a sign for a bakery and got excited. We don’t have many real bakeries in Phoenix where they actually bake things. I went to the bakery and it was…closed. Of course, it was already past 2PM. Are you kidding me? Is this a national holiday or something? Closed.

I walked back uphill to the hotel and saw a bus that said MLB Media. A ha, I said to myself. I can go get my credential. The bus driver was awake and he took me to Kauffman Stadium. Once there, I was immediately assisted by a kind gentleman behind the window-got my credential and took the bus back to the hotel. I avoided a huge hassle tomorrow.

On the way back in the bus, we went over the Len Dawson Bridge. The Kansas City Chiefs icon has a bridge named after him. I’d love anything named after me. Even the Bernie Pleskoff Manhole Cover. What an honor that would be.

I took a walk through the World Series merchandise tent. Way cool. It was already crowded and I’ll be things will sell out. The Royals haven’t been in this position for a long, long time. The fans are hungry.

There’s a Gala tonight. I’m not going. I don’t do well at those. I don’t like the din and loud noise in those type rooms. I like noise at the ball park. Not at a Gala. I’m no longer a Gala type guy. Years ago I was more a Gala type guy.

About this World Series: I have a few questions. 1) Can San Francisco keep the Royals running game in check? 2) Can the Royals somehow, some way put a hurt on Madison Bumgarner? 3) Can the Giants get to the Royals starters anytime before the 6th inning- after which it’s too late? 4) Can the Royals get to the more mature (older) Giants starting pitching?

I think these are two very well balanced, equally talented clubs. They are both flawed. But they’re also great fun to watch. I have no idea who will win. I do think it’ll go six games.

Every evening I will write about the events of my day. I want to share this experience with you. So come along. Follow me on twitter @BerniePleskoff starting with tomorrow night’s first game. I’ll tweet all game long. Live, I hope.

I’ll return to covering the Arizona Fall League when this World Series is over. For now, it’s the Fall Classic every day. Join me and bring your friends.

Soon I’m going to press that key and you can read this. What an invention. What a world. It’s great to be alive, right?

Thank you for reading my work at MLB.com, MLBPipeline.com and on twitter @BerniePleskoff (where I have the best followers in the world.)

That’s it. I’m out.



  1. Kaught Lookin

    Hi Bernie I will be following! Love your insight to the game. Not sure if you remember, i made contact with you via twitter (@duyvo) with the hope of meeting you at the opening series in Sydney. I am an Aussie Giants fan, i will be in San Francisco for the home games. I write for the local Australian baseball league on the Melbourne Aces games. I am also currently writing a book about dealing with depression. My wife suffers from anxiety & depression and the baseball has been critical for me to gain respite and coping mechanisms on a daily basis. I imagine you will be inundated and busy during the WS whirlwind…. but if it is at all possible i would love to make contact when the series is in San Francisco Cheers Mick Duyvestyn


  2. bpleskoff

    Mike: Why don’t we plan on meeting in San Francisco. I’d like that. No problem.
    Let me know where you are in the press box and I’ll find you. Thanks for leaving the message.

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