After Further Review-This Is Conclusive

Technology has allowed the advance of reviewable plays in baseball. Sure, there are kinks that must be ironed out and not everyone is happy. But progress brings pain and stress at times. The ultimate goal is to “get it right.”

I’ve been asked lots of questions about what plays are and are not reviewable?
Thanks to a release from Major League Baseball, the questions become more clear.

Here is exactly what MLB has distributed to help us understand this new addition to the game. Note: Reviewable plays and all the ramifications are still a work in progress.


Manager Challenge
Most Common Plays
-Force Plays (excluding neighborhood plays and tag ups on fly ball)
-Tag Plays
-Fair/foul in outfield only (at or behind the umpire)
-Catch/No Catch in outfield (behind the infielder)
-Batter hit by pitch

-Ground rule doubles
-Fan interference
-Stadium boundaries (skywalk, fielder into stands, etc.)

Base Running
-Timing Plays (who got there first)
-Touching a base (requires appeal before challenge)
-Passing runners

Umpire Discretion (Manager may request but cannot challenge)
-Home runs
-Home plate collisions
-Record keeping (ball-strike count, outs, score, illegal substitutions, rules check)

ANY play not listed above is not reviewable

Deadline to Initiate Replay
– Play within an inning: Before the pitcher steps on the rubber and batter gets in the box
-Pitching change: Before the signal of the pitching change (defense) or before the pitcher crosses the warning track or foul line (offense)
– End of ann inning: Manager must leave the dugout immediately to hold the defense, then has 30 seconds to challenge
-End of the game: Immediately

Review Outcomes:
-Confirmed (clear and convincing evidence that the call on the field was correct)
– Stands (No clear and convincing evidence to confirm or overturn the call)
-Overturned- Clear and convincing evidence that the call on the field was incorrect

———————-My thoughts——————-
I think it will take time for all the nuances and particulars to be finalized and memorialized. Patience by players, managers, front office personnel and fans will be crucial. It will all be for the greater good. Your team will win some. Your team will lose some.

I believe every close play at the plate should be reviewed and not require an appeal or request. If it’s close, it deserves to be reviewed.

I’ll visit this topic again later in the season. For now, I have no further clarification or answers beyond the release above. I wish I could, but I can’t provide any more details. They will all evolve.

As always, thank you for reading my work on and for following me on twitter @BerniePleskoff. Your support of my work is appreciated.

That’s it. I’m done.

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