Wonders and Worries

In some ways I feel the first week of the season brought as many questions as answers.

I’m wondering if Justin Smoak is feeling more comfortable at the plate and reaping the benefits of having Robinson Cano in the lineup? He put some outstanding at-bats together, but it’s early. The Mariners have stuck with him and perhaps their patience is paying dividends.

I’m wondering if the Twins Chris Colabello is for real? I saw some big gap hits off his bat as he and Jason Kubel had some huge hits to help the Twins off to a nice start. My jury is still out. I’m not sure he can sustain.

I’m worried about the Indians rotation. Especially the inconsistency. I’ve seen Justin Masterson dominate and I’ve seen him dominated. We saw both the first week. I’m not convinced he can master left-handed hitters. And his start against the Twins exposed a weak arsenal if he can’t command his fastball

I’m worried about the Dbacks rotation. What happens if they sustain an injury? What happens if Randall Delgado gets pounded and then pounded again? I don’t think it’ll be helpful if they have to turn to Archie Bradley in April. And after Bradley, who?

I’m wondering if the Athletics will give a call to Billy Burns sooner than later? He has game changing speed. They can use a spark. He can provide that spark.

I’m wondering if we have all overrated the Angels hitting ability. Is Albert really back? What about Kole Calhoun-can he hit enough in the leadoff spot? Will the Angels score enough runs to cover some mediocre pitching?

I’m wondering what the Yankees have seen in Yangervis Solarte is what is actually showing up in the first week? And-I’m wondering why I didn’t see that? Or you, for that matter? Who knew they’d let Eduardo Nunez go in favor of Solarte? Certainly not me. Last year at this time, the Yankees were very high on Nunez.

I’m worried a bit about the slow start of the Astros Marc Krauss. Does a woefully slow start mean a permanent trip to the dog house? I believe in Krauss. But I’m not sure his leash is long enough to keep him from finding a room at the kennel.

Speaking of a long or short leash, I’m wondering how long the leash is on Billy Hamilton? I guess we won’t know for a while. So far, the results aren’t real pretty.
Run Billy run. But get on base first.

I’m wondering how long it will be before Josmil Pinto becomes the permanent Twins catcher? It could happen. That’s how much I like his bat.

I’m worried that Tanner Scheppers may pitch his way out of the Rangers rotation. That’s where he wants to be, but is that where the Rangers want him to be? Colby Lewis is on his way. We’ll see how long Scheppers lasts as a starter.

I’m wondering if the Mariners can keep up the momentum of a solid start?

I’m worried about Ryan Braun’s thumb. I always worry when there’s an issue with a hand, fingers, wrist or anything attached to the arm. So far, Braun has been fine.
But it’s a long season.

I wonder if my early season predictions of a great year for Brandon Belt will hold up? His swing is shorter, sweeter and far more potent than in the past.

I’m wondering if Martin Prado can use the left side of the field? It sure seems his bat drags through the ball and he hits a ton of balls to the right side.

I’m wondering if what we’ve seen from Mark Trumbo will extend for the rest of the season. So far, I’ve seen big boom in the bat and ability to take pitches all over the field.

I’m wondering if the future Pirates outfield of Marte, McCuthen and Polanco will be the fastest in baseball? And I’m wondering how soon that will become reality?

I’m worried that the injury to Matt Moore so early in the season will require the Rays to dig deeper into their pitching depth sooner than they ever believed possible. And just where is that depth.

I’m wondering if the Yankees are breathing a bit easier after C C Sabathia’s second start than they did after his first? I know I am.

I’m wondering who the Indians will jettison when Bourn and Giambi return?

I’m wondering if we all realize how few games have been played and how worry and panic this early is non-productive. To be trite-the cream always rises to the top. Some great players are scuffling. Some mediocre players are playing beyond what their history dictates. It will all return to the norm.

As always, thanks for reading my work on MLBPipeline.com. Hope you’ll check it out, as my prospect profiles have returned. And please follow me on twitter @BerniePleskoff.

That’s it. I’m done.


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