Guys I’m Targeting-National League

Earlier this week I wrote about those American League players I’m targeting for my fantasy teams this year. I also admitted I was nuts to share all my innermost secrets.

So now it’s time for me to spill the beans about some guys I really want to pick up in the National League.

Caution: These are just my opinion. Nothing more than that. Of course, if I’m right I want you to heap praise upon my shoulders. If I’m wrong, don’t even bring it up. I won’t remember.

My absolute breakout player is Christian Yelich of the Marlins. I’ve seen too much of his great swing in the past to think he won’t register a great batting average and score some runs. He’ll drive in his share as well. I want him wherever I can get him.

I still like Junior Lake of the Cubs. I don’t like much of the team that currently surrounds him, but I do like Lake. He has speed to steal bases and I think he’ll make some noise. And he’ll be cheap in auctions and drafts.

Nolan Arenado plays in a great hitter’s park with huge gaps for his personal target practice. He should be much more comfortable now in Colorado. I look for a big year from him with the Rockies.

I have never been one to dismiss the Braves Andrelton Simmons as a hitter. I do think he will continue to get better and better. And I think you can get him low in the shortstop pool. Steady progress means he will make himself a viable hitter.

Why not take a flyer on Devin Mesoraco now that he has a more stable role with the Reds? Nice hitter’s park. More self-confidence and good parks in the NL Central add up to a nice pick at catcher. I’m in.

Speaking of catchers. How about Wilson Ramos? I look for a very fine year from him. Catchers are getting better and better, and I really like the lineup surrounding Ramos. He’s worth a shot. Remember-most leagues use two catchers.

Khris Davis can hit. The question is if the Brewers will stick with him if he scuffles the first month. I’ve seen him hit long bombs. His hands are very quick through the ball. He has natural instincts. He could really blossom in Miller Park. IF. If they let him play.

Keep an eye on Andrew Lambo. You remember-that Andrew Lambo. Yes, that Andrew Lambo. Well, it says in my head that the Pirates will need some help at first base. If that holds true, Lambo could get a chance. If Lambo gets a chance, he may become the Andrew Lambo i’ve been waiting for since Nixon was President. I think the guy can hit. I hope I’m right. Remember-he’s just a sleeper. Not a buy high or a high draft choice. He’s an afterthought. Reserve pick-up.

Well, there are more, but I’m keeping quiet on them for now.

I’m out front now where everyone can see. My picks are public. There’s no turning back. Unless or until I see these guys in Spring Training and they do something to make me change my mind. I reserve that right.

Thanks for reading my work on and for following me on twitter @BerniePleskoff. And remember, I’ll be tweeting every day starting February 26th from a Spring Training game. Get your friends to follow me @BerniePleskoff on twitter-we need to build a very strong support system at BERNIE’S BASEBALL WORLD.

Why? Because we have to watch out for each other. That’s why.

That’s it. I’m done.


  1. Gareth Trichardt

    Hi Bernie, Love your insight, have been reading your stuff at rotowire for years. Would you please explain Steve Cishek’s super two contract status. Next year is he still under control of Miami or free agent. You think he gets traded this year. I like AJ Ramos as sleeper closer… thoughts, thanks! Trying to stay ahead of 11 other teams.

    Regards, Gareth

      • bpleskoff

        As far as I know, he is on a one year contract and will be eligible for arbitration again next winter. And yes, I think he is a trade candidate as he will begin to get expensive and they are loaded with power arms. But he’ll be expensive for other teams, too.

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